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October 3rd, 1778 Born in Kunitomo Village in Sakata-Gun (Present day Kunitomo town in Nagahama City)
1794 Takes over the family business at 17 years of age. Is given the name Toube. Becomes the 9th in line.
1811 Makes direct contract with the government in Hikone. Fulfills order of 200 cannons causing the Hikone Incident ( Conflict with the elders in the Kunitomo Blacksmith Guild). 34 years of age.
1813 Marries. The Kunitomo Blacksmith Guild notifies the central government about the Hikone Incident. 36 years of age.
May 1816 Is called to Edo (present day Tokyo) because of the Hikone Incident. 39 years of age.
October 5th
November 1st 1818
In Edo he encounters an airgun of Dutch origin at the house of Daien Yamada. Proceeds to start production of an airgun of original design. Writes and presents Daisho onteppo haritateseisaku to Sadanobu Matsudaira. 41 years of age
March 9th 1819 Completes production of first airgun. Presents it to Takamasa Kyogoku. 42 years of age.
1820 At the house of Masanaga Naruse he sees a reflecting telescope of Dutch origin. 43 years of age.
1821 Returns home to Kunitomo from Edo. 44 years of age.
1824 Builds Shinkyo, a holographic mirror, and dedicates it to the Kunitomo Hiyoshi Shrine. 47 years of age.
1826 Completes original design of crossbow. 49 years of age.
1828 Designs a portable brush for writing and gyokuto (oil lamps) 51 years of age.
June 20th, 1832 Starts work on reflecting telescope. 55 years of age.
October 11th, 1833 Finishes production of reflecting telescope. Begins maping astronomical bodies. 56 years of age.
February 18th, 1834 Illustrates the face of the moon.
February 19th, 1834 Illustrates the face of the moon.
March 9th, 1834 Illustrates the face of the moon.
March 13th, 1834 Illustrates the face of the moon.
January 6th, 1835 to February 8th 1836 Observes sunspots over the span of a year and two months. (Viewed 212 times on 158 days.)
April 26th, 1836 Illustrates Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. 59 years of age.
August 9th, 1836 Illustrates the face of the moon.
August 15th, 1836 Illustrates the sun at 4 PM.
December 3rd, 1840 Ikkansai passes away at his home at 63 years old.

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