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About Ikkansai Resource Materials

The documents remaining in Ikkansai’s home are a precious resource of historical materials detailing his achievements.

Already, 684 documents have been declared cultural assets by the city of Nagahama. Ikkansai’s reflecting telescope has also been declared a cultural asset. These documents allow one to view Ikkansai’s blacksmithing mastery of rifles as well as his various inventions, thought process and accomplishments.

Resource Material Download Catalogue

Material currently being organized and or under examination as well as newly found documents can be downloaded here.

For research purposes, or if you require a photo for your publication, please fill out an application form which can be found on our website here. After review of your application we will provide the photograph in digital format.

Concerning the use of reference materials

The materials that are publicized in the Ikkansai Kunitomo Document Index may be used for research purposes.